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On The Punts

These sets were taken with my brand new Fuji Finepix S5700. I went out on the River Camb with a friend, on the Punts. Though sadly, due to Resizing them, Iíve lost some of the picture quality.

I canít remember what this place was called. Do you know it? Email me please!


The back of Kings College from the River.

Kings College

The 10x Zoom on my camera really came in handy when taking a picture of this duck!


Below is the River Cambís Black Swan, named by the               Puntsmen (and women) as George!


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This is the Bridge Of Sighs. Prisioners would be taken along here before Execution to take one last look of Cambridge.

Bridge Of Sighs

This building below, is (I think) the Trinity Libary. Itís shaped like the front of a large boat, as if it was about to sail off down the River Camb.


Below is Mathmatical Bridge. Designed by Sir Issac Newton. Originally put together with no bolts, using Newtons Gravity theory. Students took it apart but then failed to put it back together properly, itís now bolted together. It has NO curved parts whatsoever.