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London 2

Second page of London photos. These were taken November 1st, 2007. Unlike the other shots from London, these were taken with my Fuji S5700.

I was standing on the bridge that over looks Camden Lock. I love how glassy the water is and how clear the reflections are.

Picture 02402

The quality of this one isnít so good. I really need to learn how to get the ISO settings correct. I just like it for the sun reflecting on the water!

Picture 033

Down at the South Bank again! I really really need to sort out my ISO settings! My favourite things about this have to be the light shining through the trees. And also the slight reflection underneath the sculputer in the top corner.

Picture 035

Not too sure what to say about this one. Other than itís one of the many street lamps along the River Thames. South Bank again, I believe.


Picture 037

Sunset over a London Skyline.

Picture 041

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This is where the 10x Zoom comes in handy! Standing all the way back at Trafalga Square I managed to get this shot of Big Ben.

Picture 029

Err... Modern Art! This is at the South Bank. Next to the River Thames, obviously. Pretty cool sculpture if you ask me!

Picture 034

Canít for the life of me remember this guys name. Heís a pretty good Skater, though. This was taken at the South Bank skatepark.

Picture 036

Yet again the 10x Zoom came in handy! This shot of St. Pauls was taken half way across the Thames, on the suspension bridge. Which is opposite the Tate Modern Gallery. If you look closely you can see that St. Pauls looks slightly Orange. Which is caused by the sun setting, obviously.

Picture 040