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About Nicktendo

Hello There! :)

Welcome to my website! This is my first attempt at creating a site, so donít be expecting anything amazing. This is mostly hastily thrown together, so I apologise for the mess!

My main use for this website, is to exhibit my photography. Iíve only just started getting into photography within the last year. Most of my pictures so far have been taken either with the camera on my Mobile Phone or with a not so great Digital Camera, which is something like a 3.5 Megapixel job and didnít cost much. But it was good as a starter. Iíve recently upgraded to a Fuji Finepix S5700. Cost me a fair bit of dollar. But it doesnít matter, hopefully my pictures will turn out alot better now. My Fuji is a 7.1 megapixel job, with a 10x Optical Zoom lens, backed up with a 4.8x Digital Zoom. The S5700 was also voted Camera Of The Year 2007 for itís price range! I may be bragging slightly, but hey! Itís my website!

 Iím not completely ďAu FayĒ so to speak will all the Technical mumbojumbo. Megapixels and the Zoom is about as far as my knowledge goes! I just see something that catches my eye & I get a shot of it.

I hope that didnít bore you too much? If not, please proceed to my galleries!

Although my pictures arenít really that good. Theyíre still under copy right. If you would like to use a picture, please get in touch.



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